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How Many People Do You Know About Your Clubs?

Let me ask you a question. How many people do you know personally who own clubs or discos, etc.?

How about the type of people who always seem to be at the party, the ones who always seem to be listening to the latest music, including the band you play? Are you a respected member of their social group? Think again. If you don’t know any of these people, and you happen to mention you played with them only to gain new customers, your business is greatly compromised.

You may be a respected member of their social group, but you need to find new customers. Only a few people will buy from you, but they will buy from you because they respect you enough to mention you to their friends. Once you have acquired a good following, you will then know that you are on to something worth Copying.

First, image is everything. You have to look like the next American Idol contestant or the next rock superstar. You dress, look and act like the top with the coolest club. We’re talking about the kind of stuff that you may only dream you’re playing here. So make sure you have a tight and chic look, a sassy attitude, and some fun. You have to carry this look until the day you play your first gig. Everything should be perfectly complemented by the music you play. You have to be approachable and friendly. Don’tarded by long hair, bulky jewelry or a strange ring, and with makeup that doesn’t frighten away your audience.

The opener should be an easy one, that’s about the level of competition you will face. You may already have a fan base, and know what you can offer to help make each show the best it can be. If you are able to make the club your own, taking it from people that have been there with you and appreciate it, may gain you new fans. The thing to remember is this is your job, and no one else’s. The people in the club, ever since they discovered you, will be there every night, and give you a chance to impress them, sell them and make a solid living at it. Again, if you aren’t playing every night, you may not be getting the chance to attempt this, and this promotion can only really take you so far.

Promoting yourself may take a lot less time at first, but patience is a virtue. You must have the willingness to adapt to the situation, to look an audience in the eye, sell them a few tunes and impress them enough to make one of your own. You must do this, and remember the only person who can actually do this for you is you. So get out there!

The stage is the best place to do it. You have to find the spot, where you won’t be disturbed or felt the nearest, best time to open your mouth and sing. Use the entire stage. Make your body your instrument, so that your singing may carry easily across the stage. Position yourself on the stage. This makes it easier for you to browse what is available for your genre.

It would help you to hide any anxiety or nervousness that you may be feeling because you won’t be able to speak to the crowd as you should be focusing your mind on a powerful and captivating performance. If you get too much of this – you’ll ruin your performance anyway. It is best to keep your mind on the performance. This does not mean that you become a shy person, but rather that you put your all into the performance and nothing more.

Now you have got your equipment. You have tuned your musical instrument. You have got your bag of tricks. The only thing you need now is a way to get the audience’s attention.

At the instant you feel comfortable enough with your position, you might want to start by getting one basic thing straight, you won’t be able to charm your audience over the choices that you will make!

At the same time, you will not be doing begging for the attention of the people sitting around you, so you need to choose the song that you know the audience will enjoy – at this point, you have already made a good start.

Now you might have to put some effort into choosing your first song. You shouldn’t simply strum the chords at random. If you seriously want to make a good start, you must familiarize yourself with the various chords. You will automatically search for the chord chart.

Remember, you aren’t going to charm your audience over the entire course of their visit. Instead, pick a compact and easy song, something that the majority of people can cope with. If you love to charm the crowd over a Love Song, you must choose an upbeat strong song.

Women love a good romantic, yet soft and tender song.

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