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    Ireland’s First Dulcimer Festival

    Players of the rarely-seen instrument brought together for the first time In the United States, it seems, dulcimer fesivals are relatively common. It comes as some surprise, then, to find that here in Ireland there has never been a festival of the dulcimer. Nevertheless, those who play it are devoted to it, and many who attended the festival in Cork from 26th to 28th July 2002 were overwhelmed by the number of instruments on show and the resonant sound of several playing at once. The informal opening night in the Spailpín Fánach on North Main Street was a highlight of the festival, apparently. I couldn’t be there, but I became…

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    How Many People Do You Know About Your Clubs?

    Let me ask you a question. How many people do you know personally who own clubs or discos, etc.? How about the type of people who always seem to be at the party, the ones who always seem to be listening to the latest music, including the band you play? Are you a respected member of their social group? Think again. If you don’t know any of these people, and you happen to mention you played with them only to gain new customers, your business is greatly compromised. You may be a respected member of their social group, but you need to find new customers. Only a few people will…

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    10 Tips to keep your cleaning personnel motivated

    In any cleaning operation the cleaning supervisor or business owner is probably the most important person who can motivate cleansing crews to take pride in their work. However, how can one inspire, advise, interact and lead the cleaning staff? In every job that I have had from cleaning up floors to managing teams across the country– I have actually used motivation to drive high efficiency and arise from my teams and myself. Leading and motivating is what I enjoy doing. Many times cleaning business owners face issues keeping their supervisors and cleaning team members encouraged. Cleaning up crew member begins doing an excellent job from the very first day, but…

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    Best Exercise Spotify Playlists 2021

    Lifting Weights 2021 (Lifting Music Playlist 2021) Lifting Pump Up 2021 Pilates Hits 2021 (Pilates Workout 2021) Pilates Songs 2021 – Pilates Playlist 2021 Workout Rap 2021 (Rap Workout 2021) Hip Hop Workout 2021 (Workout Hip Hop 2021 (Work Out Rap 2021) Indoor Cycling 2021 ?‍♂️- Spinning Music 2021 (Cycling Music 2021) Nike Running Tempo Mix (Running Mix 2021) Running Songs 2021 – Running Music 2021 (Running Workout) Kickboxing Cardio 2021 (Kickboxing 2021) Boxing Music 2021 (Workout 2021) Musica Para Correr (Musica Para Entrenar 2021) Motivacion Gym 2021 (Motivacion de Gimanasio 2021) High Intensity Workout 2021 (HIIT Workout 2021) Intense Cardio Workout 2021 HIIT Music 2021 (HIIT MIX 2021) HIIT…

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    Sad Songs on Spotify

    Sad songs for the girls ❤️ crying my a$$ off to really sad songs (sad songs 2020) love songs 2020, crying music 2020 Canzoni tristi inglesi Sad songs that will make you cry, sad songs 2020, crying songs, crying music, love songs, cry music